Taking out a loan always causes extra costs that go into the money. Recently, this rule has its exception. Since recently, the loan is also offered with negative interest. With such a loan, you will end up paying less money than you received. Instead of paying interest on borrowed money as usual, you save it on repayment. For loans with negative interest rates, there is a minus before the percentage, which makes you a plus. Such a loan does not mean a loss for you, but a return. But since when do banks give away their money? What you should know about this topic and whether such a credit with negative interest rates pays off for you, you will find in our article.

This distinguishes a loan with negative interest rates

This distinguishes a <a href=loan with negative interest rates” />

A loan that will end up earning you money instead of cost – that sounds like a joke at first. Even with the currently very low interest rates, lenders and banks will still want to earn something if they lend you money as a customer. The lending rates are indeed at a historic low, but at least. In fact, first providers now lure with loans that offer interest below zero, ie in the negative range.

This is how the credit model works

This is how the credit model works

As a consumer, you can take out a loan with negative interest rates just like any other loan. Your credit rating will be checked first to make sure that you can repay the amount safely. As this loan amount is generally limited to € 1,000, such a loan will not allow you to jump too much. Depending on the (negative) interest rate you have to pay back the bottom line between about 920 and 950 euros. During the 12- to 36-month repayment period you make a financial plus.

A loan with negative interest does not generate “income”

Anyone who thinks cleverly could come up with the idea to generate a small “income” with the saved amounts. For example, with 10 loans of this kind, the negative interest can be easily achieved at between € 500 and € 800 per year for each 12-month term.

However, this calculation will not work: the providers creditend and checkmate2 limit their offers to the one-time grant of such a loan per person. So you will not be able to claim more than a loan with negative interest. However, this is freely available, provided that you have the required credit rating. When applying, the lender checks whether your creditworthiness meets your requirements.

You must meet these requirements

You must meet these requirements

To get a loan with negative interest rates, your credit worthiness must be exceptionally high. Despite the manageable loan amount of 1,000 euros, a secure income is not sufficient as sole security. Do you have a bad score by negative entries in the credit bureau, you come for the loan model discussed here already out of the question. Your credit rating should be rated by the lender as “good” and “very good”. This means that such credit offers are aimed primarily at consumers who have come in the sense of credit bureau “nothing to debts”. This refers to persons who have no indebtedness, current loans or other features that have a negative impact on their credit bureau score.

Advantages of a loan with negative interest

Advantages of a <a href=loan with negative interest” />

The benefits of a loan that brings you the bottom line, instead of costing, are limited. For example, you could offset your current account disposition as it costs you at least 6.5% and, in most cases, far more interest. However, this is only possible once and only in the financial credit line. The same applies of course to all other liabilities as long as they do not exceed the loan amount of 1,000 euros. The bottom line is that you have to repay less for the borrowed amount and record a double-digit profit.

With hidden costs, you do not have to expect this loan model. You can achieve your “income” almost solely by repaying the loan installments with the negative interest rate. In addition, you also have the free option to pay off the loan early. Incidentally, the 1,000 euros will be given to you without earmarking.

Criticism of loans with negative interest

Criticism of loans with negative interest

Consumer advocates complain when lending the particularly good credit bureau score as a prerequisite. As a result, the circle of potential beneficiaries of these promotional loans is very limited from the start. They suspect that credit providers are acting with the sole intention of reaching new customers and their data. In addition, such credit offers serve the marketing as they automatically produce headlines and attention. Applicants should be aware that their personal data may also be processed in cases where the application for a loan with a negative interest rate is denied.

The same applies to possible effects on the credit bureau score of each applicant. The credit bureau is already informed when applying for a loan with negative interest rates, which may affect the future valuation. How much the credit bureau incorporates this into their analysis remains their business secret. The data collectors are only noted that you have made an application. If this was successful, the credit bureau also knows that you now have to serve the credit. This all probably has a negative effect on your credit bureau balance. According to the motto: Anyone who already needs a loan for the small sum of 1,000 euros, is supposedly not far from the financial abyss.

This should be noted when applying for a loan

This should be noted when applying for a loan

In the end, it is up to you whether or not you accept an offer for a loan with negative interest rates. For your review, you must provide extensive information about yourself, in addition to the credit bureau information and your personal data, your net salary, ongoing costs such as mobile phone, insurance or rental payments and all other expenses. What happens with such sensitive information is no longer in their power.

For example, if you are working independently or are still a student, you automatically fall out of the target group – despite having a good or very good credit rating. Loans with negative interest rates are only given to workers, employees and civil servants. Last but not least, you have to keep in mind that the tempting promotional loans via creditend and checkmate2 only apply for a certain period of time.


Loans with negative interest rates are caused by the currently prevailing zero interest rate level. Providers underbid themselves with ever lower interest rates for the eradication, in order thereby to attract new customers. The range of loans with negative interest rates, however, the circle of potential customers is (still) very limited. On closer inspection, it is aimed only at consumers who should not really need such a loan. Due to the conditions that apply to negative interest loans in a small amount of € 1,000, only people with a regulated income and above-average credit bureau are addressed. In all likelihood, these should primarily be attracted as future borrowers. Then again it is about “normal” loans that cost positive repayments. This is another purpose: the credit providers are successful in conversation.

Consider the manageable framework of your “profit” through such a loan and confront it with the consequences. You will be downgraded on your credit bureau score, which may be a disaster for you in the near future if you really need urgent credit. In addition, your personal data will be extensively queried and subsequently processed. Of course, if you are aware of this, you can still claim a loan with negative interest rates and save up to almost 80 euros over the entire term.